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Sea lions, Galapagos Islands

Many of the programs on this page rely on Dynare 3 and some utilities that facilitate the use of Dynare in Matlab programs.  Typically, a file named setpathdynare.m contained in the various directories linked below will have to be updated to point to the local installation of Dynare 3 and of Plot Support.

Dynare 3      Plot Support

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Handout 1 on Linear Solution of an RBC model

I have amended the typos in the handout that I mentioned in class. Please alert me if you find any more imprecisions.


Handout 2 on setting up a two-country model with complete financial markets


Handout 3 on setting up an open economy model with incomplete financial markets


Handout 4 on setting up an open economy model with traded and notraded goods


Handout 5 on incorporating nominal rigidities in a closed economy model


Handout 6 on sticky export prices


Programs for an open economy model with government spending

Programs implementing ML estimation using the Kalman Filter

Examples of Dynare++ programs: a sticky price, closed economy model